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Naturist Youth Opportunities in Florida

Weekend activities for children under ten

Cypress Cove: Lots of arts and crafts. Offered some weekends in the summertime. They do more of the same for five days in a row during their annual day camp.

Lake Como: On certain weekends, parents get together to put on lots of physical activities. Emphasis is on family, rather than on a separate kids' program.

Week-long camps for teens

TNS Youth Camp:  (Sunsport Gardens)  This is mostly little kids (age 3-15) with parents staying on the grounds.  Teens help with the younger ones. Emphasis is on building confidence.

AANR-Florida Camp: (age 11-15--moves from resort to resort with the AANR-FL Convention) This has become mostly a social event, with emphasis on team-building and trips to amusement parks. The camp provides tents, and staff does the cooking.

Leadership Academy: (age 15-20--meets with AANR-FL camp) Besides helping with the younger kids, this group participates in many discussions about drug-free natural living.

Events for college students

Annual College Greek Athletic Meet: (Tallahassee Naturally) The world's only authentic re-enactment of the ancient pentathlon. Athletes and non-athletes compete in separate classifications.

Full-Moon Skinny-Dips: (Tallahassee Naturally) Monthly campfire and marshmallows during the warm months--attracting mostly college students. Overnight camping is an option.

Nude U: (age 18-26--meets with AANR-FL camp) Besides helping with the younger kids, this group meets to discuss forming nude campus organizations back home.

Awards and scholarships for students

Junior Man & Junior Woman of the Year (age 5-17): Winners of the $25 AANR-FL essay contest move on to the $100 AANR competition.

AANR Junior Award for Nudist Studies (age 5-22): $300 for the best nudist-related school project submitted for a grade.

American Nudist Research Library scholarship: $1,000 to a high school senior or graduate within the last two years. Requirements include 3 years in a nudist organization and a brief essay.

AANR-FL scholarships:  $1,000 awarded to two college students each year.  Requirements include 2 years of AANR membership and an essay.  Graduate students are eligible, but scoring is weighted in favor of younger students.

AANR Education Foundation scholarships:  Varying amounts--mainly intended as matching awards for regional winners--but others may apply, including graduate students.

Naturist Education Foundation scholarship: $1,000 for a publishable scholarly article (competitions twice a year). Must be a current TNS member (possibly just joined) and a current college student. Graduate students are eligible.

Internaturally Scholarship: $500 for a 500-word publishable article plus photographs. Open to full-time college students of any age who belong to a local naturist organization. One-year magazine subscription also available to any student or professor on request.