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Tallahassee Naturally, a naturist group founded in 1986, has always maintained about a 15% student membership--reportedly the highest in the nation. Some of the students go home for the summer; others are here all year. There has frequently been a student on the board of directors, and the club offers substantial student discounts.

We offer two events mainly for students. Our annual College Greek Athletic Meet occurs shortly after Spring Break, and attracts some students from faraway campuses. And during the warm months, we offer Full-Moon Skinny-Dips. Check our calendar for dates. For meeting place and time, contact or (850) 222-1886. Students from Florida State University, Florida A & M University, Tallahassee Community College, and Valdosta State University attend these. The full-moon swims are free. You can expect a campfire, marshmallows--sometimes a drum circle.

If you attend Florida State University, we even have a group on campus called Naturally FSU.  It is today the only officially recognized student naturist group in the nation, and the fourth that ever existed.  We are not nude on campus.

The club's private lake is also available for skinny-dipping and sunbathing every weekend year-round. Sunday is usually the bigger day. From April through October, the last Sunday of each month is a picnic, so bring food to share. With a $22 annual membership, students can get in for $5 a day or 75 for an entire year. (Non-members pay $15 a day after their first visit.) There is no charge for overnight camping. Tell your friends that their first visit is free. The first visit is also clothing-optional for women.

Several national scholarships and leadership programs are available for student members. Many, but not all of them, also require joining one of the national naturist organizations. Tallahassee Naturally led the way in getting cheap student memberships at the national level.

A Little Bit of Student History

January 15, 1974 was a slow day at the Florida Flambeau. So the editor persuaded four male FSU students to streak naked across Woodward Avenue and the tennis courts, on into a waiting getaway car. Within weeks, the streaking fad had spread across campuses nationwide. To uphold their record as Number 1, FSU students staged mass nude evening rallies in front of the library. But the fad quickly passed, and everyone forgot that it had started in Tallahassee.