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What's the coolest thing to do during spring break--something that tops anything your other friends thought of? How about the annual nude College Greek Athletic Meet? That's not Greek as in fraternities and sororities, but Greek as in the original Olympics.

"Gymnasium" is an ancient Greek word meaning "place of nakedness." In the ancient outdoor gymnasium where teachers such as Socrates hung out, students strove to achieve a well developed mind in a well developed body. The nude College Greek Athletic Meet is continuing that tradition. This year's events are not just for athletes, but for all. No experience needed. Everyone is encouraged to come out and give it the good old college try. To experience the freedom of the ancient Greek athletics, all you need to do is pack your birthday suit.

WHAT? Twenty-first annual nude College Greek Athletic Meet. That's Greek as in the ancient times, as authentic as possible.

WHO? Individuals (no official teams) from 17 nearby colleges, as well as any students visiting Florida for spring break. (As many as 50 people have come from 11 states.) While Classics students and track stars are especially welcome, NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED. Entry classifications are male athletes, male non-athletes, female athletes and female non-athletes.

WHERE? Near Monticello, Florida, on the grounds of Tallahassee Naturally, a long-established nudist park.

WHEN? Sunday, April 3, 2016. (Rain date: April 10).

WHY? To discover what it really felt like to be a student in ancient Greece, where the goal was a well developed mind in a well developed body, where students spent all year perfecting themselves, then presented themselves naked before the gods as an act of worship.

PRICE: FREE FOR PARTICIPANTS. Spectators must be NUDE and spectators get in for the day for $20 per person or couple.

RULES: EVERYONE ON THE GROUNDS WILL BE NUDE, this is not a clothing optional event. No drugs or excessive drinking. Competition rules will be loose--part ancient, part modern.

PRIZES: Anyone of any age may compete, but the traditional wreath of leaves goes to the best over-all college students in each classification for the Pentathlon. If you have to ask, that's long jump, discus throw, 200-yard dash, javelin throw, and stand-up wrestling in case of a tie.

VICTORS: Last year, students the University of South Florida won the awards. View a list of champions and their colleges.


BRING: One clean birthday suit, beach towel or blanket, sunscreen, sack lunch, and plenty of drinking water.

CAMERAS: Not allowed! Exception: reporters from newspapers may make special arrangements by calling: 407-818-7495.

NOTE: Anyone under 18 must bring signed parental permission